.bash_profile is Bash Interactive Login Shell File

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File Extension .bash_profile
Format Text
Created by The GNU Project
Category System

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What is an .BASH_PROFILE file?

The bash_profile file extension is associated with the Bash. The contents of the bash_profile file are read and executed when you log into the system. Any changes you make to this file will not come into effect until you log out and log in again.

A bash_profile file extension is related to the Unix Bash and used for its login shell files.

How to open:

Use any text editor, or source code editor to view content of the .bash_profile files.

How to convert:

Probably cannot be converted to anything else.
Bash Interactive Login Shell File - File openers


  1. Apple Terminal
  2. MacroMates TextMate
  3. GNU Bash


  1. GNU Bash

The GNU Project



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