.BA6 File

.ba6 is TaxAct 2016 Tax Return Backup File

Key Features: .BA6 File Extension

Features Description
File Extension .ba6
Format N/A
Created by TaxAct
Category Backup

What is an .BA6 file?

A BA6 file is a backup file of a 2016 tax return created with the 2016 version of TaxAct, a tax-preparation program. It contains tax data for the 2016 tax year, which is used for archival purposes and in case the .TA6 file is lost or becomes corrupt. BA6 files include federal IRS and state tax form data along with the user's basic information.

BA6 file open in TaxAct 2016

TaxAct 2016 users will most likely only use the TA6 file to save, print, or upload their taxes. However, the BA6 file is valuable for users worried about their TA6 file becoming corrupt or getting lost.

To save a backup of your tax return select File → Backup... and name your file. You must save your tax return as a TA6 file before creating your backup.

To restore a backup in TaxAct, select File → Restore Backup... and navigate to the location of your BA6 file.

Since annual tax returns are filed for the previous year, the BA6 file is most likely created in 2017 from the beginning of January to April 15. Once you have completed a tax return, you can either print and mail in the tax forms or file electronically.

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