.AXV File

.axv is Annodex Video File

Key Features: .AXV File Extension

Features Description
File Extension .axv
Format N/A
Created by CSIRO
Category Video

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What is an .AXV file?

The axv file extension is mainly related to Annodex Digital Media Format.

Annodex is a digital media format developed by CSIRO to provide annotation and indexing of continuous media, such as audio and video.

It is based on the Ogg container format, with an XML language called CMML (Continuous Media Markup Language) providing additional metadata. It is intended to create a Continuous Media Web (CMWeb), whereby continuous media can be manipulated in a similar manner to text media on the World Wide Web, including searching and dynamic arrangement of elements.

An axv file extension is associated with the Annodex Digital Media Format.

How to open:

Use compatible tools to work with *.axv files.

How to convert:

Probably can be exported to other formats.
Annodex Video File - File openers


  1. VideoLAN VLC media player


  1. Macgo Mac Media Player
  2. VideoLAN VLC media player


  1. VideoLAN VLC media player




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