.AUP3 File

.aup3 is Audacity project (version 3.x)

Key Features: .AUP3 File Extension

Features Description
File Extension .aup3
Format N/A
Created by Audacity
Category Audio and sound

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What is an .AUP3 file?

File extensions aup3 is used in the free, open source, cross-platform audio software Audacity for the default project format since introduction of version 3.

A typical .aup3 file contains all the most information about the project available, but can only be opened in Audacity.

The difference between original aup and .aup3 files is that the latest version of projects keeps everything in a single file (including the audio data), instead separate data folder for the audio chunks.

Projects in the new AUP3 format cannot be opened in versions of Audacity prior to 3.0.0.


How to open:

Can only be opened to Audacity.

How to convert:

Audacity offers export to numerous audio files, including MP3, WAV or OGG.


Audio and sound


How to solve problems with AUP3 files