.AU File

.au is Audacity Audio File

Key Features: .AU File Extension

Features Description
File Extension .au
Format Binary
Created by Audacity
Category Audio

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What is an .AU file?

The au file extension is also related to UNIX-generated sound files.

Probably very similar to SND, an interchangeable sound file format that is used on Sun, NeXt, and Silicon Graphics computers. The file typically contains raw sound data that is followed by a text identifier.

AU is a sound file format developed by Sun for the Unix platform for use on the Internet. It is known as the Sparc-audio or u-law format.

An au file extension is associated with the Unix audio sound file format developed for Unix and Unix-like operating system to store audio data and sounds.

How to open:

Use compatible media player to playback *.au Unix audio files.

How to convert:

It is likely that audio files in AU format can be converted to other multimedia files using a proper conversion software.
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