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.asm is Assembly Language Source Code File

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What is an .ASM file?

File extension asm is associated with programs written in assembly language, a low level programming language, which can be converted to another machine language.

The asm files can be be edited with a text editor and run using an assembler program, such as HLA, MASM, FASM, NASM, or GAS.

Typically a modern assembler creates object code by translating assembly instruction mnemonics into opcodes, and by resolving symbolic names for memory locations and other entities. The use of symbolic references is a key feature of assemblers, saving tedious calculations and manual address updates after program modifications. Most assemblers also include macro facilities for performing textual substitution—e.g., to generate common short sequences of instructions to run inline, instead of in a subroutine.

Assemblers are generally simpler to write than compilers for high-level languages, and have been available since the 1950s. Modern assemblers, especially for RISC based architectures, such as MIPS, Sun SPARC and HP PA-RISC, optimize instruction scheduling to exploit the CPU pipeline efficiently.

Since assembly code is typically more difficult to write than C or C++ code, the asm files are often combined with other C or C++ script files, which will handle the majority of the application logic.

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Files with asm extension are generally source codes in assembly language. Used by many programs.

How to open:

You can open and edit the ASM file using any suitable text editor or specialized programming software tool.

How to convert:

Probably can be compiled to other formats.
Assembly Language Source Code File - File openers


  1. File Viewer Plus
  2. Microsoft Notepad
  3. gVim


  1. MacroMates TextMate
  2. MacVim


  1. Vim
  2. Pico
  3. GNU Emacs



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