.as2proj is FlashDevelop ActionScript 2 Project File

Key Features: .AS2PROJ File Extension

Features Description
File Extension .as2proj
Format XML
Created by FlashDevelop
Category Developer

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What is an .AS2PROJ file?

The as2proj file extension is mainly related to FlashDevelop open source (MIT license) source code editor and used for one of its default project file type.

These as2proj files are ActionSript 2 projects created using the program.

Files with as2proj file extension can be found as ActionSript 2 projects made in FlashDevelop program.

How to open:

You can open and continue to work on these projects in FlashDevelop.

How to convert:

The results of these projects can be exported to a SWF file.
FlashDevelop ActionScript 2 Project File - File openers


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