._airacropencrypted is AiraCrop Ransomware affecte file

Key Features: ._AIRACROPENCRYPTED File Extension

Features Description
File Extension ._AiraCropEncrypted
Format N/A
Created by _AiraCropEncrypted
Category Ransomware encrypted

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What is an ._AIRACROPENCRYPTED file?

File extension dll seems to be also related to a ransomware encountered first in November 2016, which was labeled as AiraCrop.

Much like other nefarious ransomware, it encrypts users files and changes the original suffix and demands a ransom from the user for the decryption keys.

How to open:

You will have to find a proper decryptor to reocver the original files.

How to convert:

Unless you decrypt the files first, there is really no way how to convert the originals.


Ransomware encrypted


How to solve problems with _AIRACROPENCRYPTED files