.85V File

.85v is TI-85 vector file

Key Features: .85V File Extension

Features Description
File Extension .85v
Format N/A
Created by 85v
Category Vector graphic

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What is an .85V file?

The 85V file extension s associated with TI-85, a graphical programmable calculator, developed by Texas Instruments, Inc.. The *.85v file stores vector graphics viewable on the TI-85 calculator.

How to open:

Currently there is no specific information available, about how to open this vector file type. If there is suggested app try it first.For general information try to look at:Basic info how to open vector graphic files

How to convert:

There is no specific conversion info yet. Try suggested software to check if there is any possibility to export this file into other vector or bitmap graphics format. For general information try to look at:Basic info how to convert vector graphics files


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