.7Z.001 File

.7z.001 is 7-Zip Split Archive Part 1 File

Key Features: .7Z.001 File Extension

Features Description
File Extension .7z.001
Format Binary
Created by 7-Zip
Category Compressed

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What is an .7Z.001 file?

The 7z.001 file extension is associated with 7-Zip. Its one part of a multi-volume compressed 7-ZIP archive. The extension is actually only 001, the 7z is added to the file name of the archive file to distinguish it as 7z multi-volume compressed file archive.

Note, that 7-ZIP executable archives cannot be made as multi volume archives. The SFX 7-ZIP archive has the common exe file extension.

In order to unpack the multi-volume 7-ZIP archive, you need to place ALL of the split parts in the same directory and start extraction of this (first) volume. The program will automatically use all of the parts to extract the content of the archive.

A 7z.001 file extension is related to 7-Zip compression utility. A 7z.001 file stores first part of multi-volume 7-ZIP compressed file archive.

How to open:

The .7z.001 (e.g. Avatar.7z.001 file) file is only one part of 7-ZIP multi-volume archive. If you want to extract this file, you must have all parts of the 7-ZIP multi-volume archive.Open the first part of 7-ZIP (e.g Avatar.7z.001 file) multi-volume archive in 7-Zip application and extract files from the 7-ZIP multi-volume archive.

How to convert:

It is not possible to convert only one part of 7-ZIP multi-volume archive. Only complete 7-ZIP archive can be converted in to another archive or compression format. The easiest way how to convert complete 7-ZIP multi-volume archive is to decompress the 7-ZIP archive with the use of Z-Zip and repack the content with another compression or archive application of your choice.
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