.73B File

.73b is TI-73 Backup File

Key Features: .73B File Extension

Features Description
File Extension .73b
Format Binary
Created by Texas Instruments
Category Backup

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What is an .73B file?

The 73b file extension is associated with the TI-73, a graphics programming calculator based on Zilog Z80, developed by Texas Instruments.

The 73b file stores some kind of backup from TI-73 calculators.

A 73b file extension is related to TI-73 calculator from Texas Instruments.

How to open:

Use compatible tools to work with *.73b files.

How to convert:

Probably cannot be converted to anything else.
TI-73 Backup File - File openers


  1. Texas Instruments TI Connect


  1. Texas Instruments TI Connect

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