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.4xm is 4XM video format

Key Features: .4XM File Extension

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File Extension .4xm
Format N/A
Created by The MPlayer Team
Category Digital video and movie

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What is an .4XM file?

The 4xm file format transports video data compressed with 4X Technologies' proprietary 4xm Video codec.

It also transports audio data interleaved with the coded video chunks. The format supports multiple audio language tracks, as well.

The audio can be either uncompressed PCM or a custom packing for IMA ADPCM: 4X IMA ADPCM. The technology is intended for use in computer and console games.

How to open:

Use Mplayer to open *.4xm files.

How to convert:

Compatible tools may be able to export *.4xm files to other formats.

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