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.4th is Forth Language File

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What is an .4TH file?

The 4th file extension is associated with the Forth programming language. The .4th file stores source code written in Forth.

Forth is a stack-based, extensible language without type-checking. It is probably best known for its "reverse Polish" (postfix) arithmetic notation, familiar to users of Hewlett-Packard calculators.

Files with 4th extension are used by the Forth programming language as a source code data files.

How to open:

It is not possible to open the 4th extension files.

How to convert:

Files with 4th extension are not convertable.
Forth Language File - File openers


  1. GNU Gforth
  2. Kate Editor


  1. KDevelop
  2. Kate Editor


  1. KDevelop
  2. GNU Gforth
  3. Kate Editor



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