.3FS File

.3fs is Puppy Linux Save State File

Key Features: .3FS File Extension

Features Description
File Extension .3fs
Format Binary
Created by Puppy Linux
Category System

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What is an .3FS file?

The 3fs file extension is associated with the Puppy Linux a light distribution of Unix-based operating system called Linux.

The 3fs file stores saved state of operating system, used for example to restore it. The number in file extension identify file system on storage. In this case EXT3.

An 3fs file extension is related to the Puppy Linux operating system and used for its saved state files.

How to open:

Probably not meant to be accessed by the user.

How to convert:

Probably cannot be converted to anything else.
Puppy Linux Save State File - File openers


  1. Puppy Linux
  2. GNOME Disk Utility

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