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.3dweb is pCon.planner 3Dweb file

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File Extension .3dweb
Format N/A
Created by EasternGraphics
Category 3d graphics

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What is an .3DWEB file?

The 3dweb file extension is associated with the pCon.planner, a software for Microsoft Windows operating system that allows users to modeling rooms.

The 3dweb file stores 3D model, which can be presented on a web with pCon.planner Impress.

Impress is a part of pCon.planner used to present 3D models on web.

How to open:

Use pCon.planner to open *.3dweb files.

How to convert:

Various 3D models or CAD files can be typically exported to some exchange format or converted between different formats. Once again, not all CAD/3D modeling programs may allow conversion of every format. But, there is always the option of using some of the dedicated 3D conversion utilities with a broad file format support. For general information try to look at:Basic info how to convert CAD and other 3D graphic files


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