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.1pif is 1Password Interchange Format

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File Extension .1pif
Format N/A
Created by AgileBits Inc.
Category Encoded and encrypted

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What is an .1PIF file?

The 1pif file extension is associated with the 1Password a password management and protection tool for Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac, iOS, Android and Windows Phone systems.

1Password securely stores your passwords, safe notes and credit card information in one safe and encrypted place and allows you to synchronize all the data through all main OS platforms and mobile devices available today. 

The 1pif files store exported passwords and other secured information. It is used to interchange 1Password data between platforms, for example from PC to Mac.

You can synchronize your data through iCloud or Dropbox and have all passwords and data available on every computer or device you use.

How to open:

Use 1Password to import *.1pif files.

How to convert:

You can export 1Password database into usecured .txt file or .csv data file. Used for backup, printing or import into other similar software.

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