.1CBU1 File

.1cbu1 is Princess Locker ransomware affected file

Key Features: .1CBU1 File Extension

Features Description
File Extension .1cbu1
Format N/A
Created by 1cbu1
Category Ransomware encrypted

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What is an .1CBU1 file?

File extension 1cbu1 seems to be related to a ransomware that appeared in September 2016 and was labeled as Princess Locker. Much like any other ransomware, it encrypts users files, renames the suffix and demands ransom for the decryption.

How to open:

Decryptor tools and keygen was released in November 2016 (check links).

How to convert:

You would have to recover and decrypt the files first, before you can attempt any conversion.


Ransomware encrypted


How to solve problems with 1CBU1 files