.0CC File

.0cc is 0CC-FamiTracker Module

Key Features: .0CC File Extension

Features Description
File Extension .0cc
Format Binary
Category Audio

What is an .0CC file?

An 0CC file is a module used by 0CC-FamiTracker, a backwards compatible extension of the FamiTracker program used to produce music for Nintendo (NES) Famicom systems. It contains module data such as instruments and patterns, which are notes that comprise the melody.

The 0CC format is similar to the .FTM format which is the primary format used by FamiTracker. The 0CC format can save more effects than the FTM format and allows Famicom to access multiple audio extension chips at the same time. Support for the 0CC format was added in version of 0CC-FamiTracker.

NOTE: The name FamiTracker comes from "Famicom," which was the Japanese name for the original Nintendo system.

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