.003 File

.003 is Split Archive Part 3 File

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File Extension .003
Format Binary
Category Backup

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What is an .003 file?

The 003 file extension is associated with several archivers or compression tools, which are using, or did use in the past, the 003 file extension for its multi-volume files or archives, such as Winrar (see part3.rar) or 7-Zip (see 7z.003).

The general file sequence is 001, 002, 003, etc. and you will need all parts of the multi-volume archive to successfully extract the content.

An 003 file extension is used by several compression or split utilities for the third part of a multi-volume file. In order to extract the content of split archive, you first have to gather all its pieces and start the extraction of the first archive.

How to open:

To open or extract the content of the multi-volume archive just put all the parts in same directory and extract the first part in your favourite archiver, such as WinRar or 7-Zip.

How to convert:

Only complete archive can be converted in to another archive or compression format. The easiest way how to convert complete multi-volume archive is to decompress the archive with the use of supported archiving or compression tool and repack the content with another compression or archive application of your choice.
Split Archive Part 3 File - File openers


  1. Smith Micro StuffIt Deluxe for Windows
  2. Welltek 001 File Joiner & Splitter
  3. Freebyte HJSplit for Java
  4. Freebyte HJSplit
  5. SplitJoin
  6. 7-Zip
  7. OO1 File Manager
  8. File Splitter & Joiner


  1. Incredible Bee Archiver
  2. Smith Micro StuffIt Deluxe 16
  3. Freebyte HJSplit for Java
  4. Split & Concat


  1. Freebyte HJSplit for Java
  2. Freebyte HJSplit for Linux



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